Roses and Chocolates


TV PILOT: Roses and Chocolates 


In the waning years of WW2, an SS Officer of Nazi Germany falls in love with a woman secretly involved with a Nazi-resistance group.


HANS, 24, an SS Officer, finds fortune amid disaster when he meets VERONICA, 20, a waitress, while being stood up on a date. Hans and Veronica begin a relationship but Veronica harbors a secret: she is working with a Nazi-resistance group. Eventually, Veronica becomes pregnant and gets engaged to Hans, who receives order to report to Poland. Hans gets stationed at a concentration camp and his sympathy for the prisoners are clear, almost getting him into trouble. Meanwhile, in the concentration camp, BORYS, 25, a Polish police officer recently turned prisoner, makes plans to escape during a prisoner transfer to Auschwitz, despite warnings and reservations from CLIVE, a pessimist and long-time British Jew prisoner.

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