Pauline ‘s Love Spell

A mystery fantasy film by Maria Johnsen. 
Logline: On the night of a full moon when a  woman casts a love spell, an unexpected event changes her life forever.

Writer, Director and Producer: Maria Johnsen

Cast: Kane Surry, Maria Johnsen

Director of Photography:  John Nick Phillips

First AC: Moritz Oskar Meyer

Production: Golden Way Media Films
Location: London

Pauline's Love Spell
Behind The Scenes 
Behind the scenes 1

Me, Moritz and Nick preparing the scenes. 

Early in the morning. We are preparing to shoot exterior scenes in a cold January weather in London. 

Nick Phillips
Moritz Meyer

Nick and Kane Surry on set. 

John Nick Phillips ( director of Photography) is prepraring for shooting the exterior scenes. He is an absolutly wonderful and knowledgable person in sound and filmmaking.He has been working at BBC for 34 years. It was a pleasure to have him in Pauline’s Love Spell. He is so much caring and such a  passionate person. He never lost his temper and was polite as I expected from an English gentleman. 

Moritz Meyer is our first AC: He is knowledgable in filmmaking. Moritz was a great asset to this project and I intend to have him in my other projects. 

Clapper board
Pauline By the tree
Maria Johnsen

Pauline walks at the park. 

Pauline by the tree

Maria Johnsen directing the film