Elf and Huldra

Elf and Huldra is an epic fantasy and romance based on Maria Johnsen’s Norwegian novel “The Battle Of Hulders”. We plan to film in Europe or New Zealand. 

Elf and HuldraLoglin: In the depth of hidden Norwegian forest a beautiful Huldra falls in love with the prince of elves. They elope with war consequences.

This is the continuance of Huldra and Photographer which we made back in 2019. 

Screenwriter: Maria Johnsen

Producer: Maria Johnsen

Director: Maria Johnsen

Elf and Huldra is based on Maria Johnsen’s novel the Battle of Hulders 

Elf and Huldra is based on my epic fantasy novel called: The Battle of Hulders” This is the continuance of my film called “Huldra and Photographer” which I made back in 2019.  The sales generated from this book will be dedicated to funding and financing the production of my upcoming epic fantasy feature film, “Elf and Huldra,” currently in the pre-production stage.

The Background of the story:

It took me six months to meticulously plan the battle scenes and immerse myself in learning about war strategies. I’ve been crafting the book since 2019, titled “The Battle of Hulders,” which is now in the process of being adapted into a film called “Elf and Huldra” by Golden Way Media Films, currently seeking financing.

“Elf and Huldra” is based on my epic fantasy novel, “The Battle of Hulders,” and serves as a continuation of my earlier film, “Huldra and Photographer,” produced in 2019. Proceeds from book sales will be allocated to fund and finance the production of the upcoming epic fantasy feature film, “Elf and Huldra,” presently in pre-production.

While the single book was published in 2023 and the trilogy was released and distributed in English, German and French in 2024, it actually took me several years to complete the entire series. The “Battle of Hulders” trilogy is available in multiple languages including French, German, Spanish, English, and Japanese.


► Information about the book can be found on my publication page: 👉 https://www.maria-johnsen.com/fiction-books


Plongez dans le mystère ancestral de La Huldra, une créature légendaire de la mythologie nordique. Explorez avec nous les multiples facettes de cette figure envoûtante, de sa beauté envoûtante à sa nature insaisissable. Une immersion captivante dans un monde de mythes et de légendes vous attend. Ne manquez pas cette opportunité de découvrir l’essence même de La Huldra ! Préparez-vous à être transporté dans un monde de fantasy épique avec le prochain film “Elf et Huldra” ! Inspiré par le livre à succès de Maria Johnsen, cette adaptation cinématographique promet d’être une expérience cinématographique inoubliable.

The Battle of Hulders an epic fantasy novel
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Elf and Huldra
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