Script Coverage

 Do you need a pair of fresh eyes on your feature film screenplay? Did you know getting a script coverage is necessary prior to pitching to executive producer and producers? We have written both short and feature length scripts for fiction/narratives and commercials. We have provided script coverage, script notes and feedbacks on  screenwriters ‘ scripts.

We give you feedback to make your script stronger and commercially viable. We offer three packages. Please note that we accept scripts up to 120 pages.


script coverage

Your coverage comes with detailed page-by-page Script Notes* with actionable feedback to improve your script, a Scorecard to help you know which elements of your script to focus on, a Logline that helps you communicate your script idea concisely, and constructive Comments on your screenplays premise, plot, characterization, dialogue, and commercial appeal.


Basic package:  fix your logline. £50
Standard Package: fix your nutshell and logline. £80
Premium package: Evaluate your logline, Nutshell, Concept & Originality, Character & Dialogue, Plot & Structure and commercial prospect. You will receive a scorecard along with coverage. £250