Searching For Harriet

An original British Drama

A story of a woman with early stage dementia. Although the early signs vary, common early symptoms of dementia include:
– Memory problems, particularly remembering recent events
– Increasing confusion
– Reduced concentration
– Personality or behaviour changes
– Apathy and withdrawal or depression
– Loss of ability to do everyday tasks.

Logline: When a businessman sets out to rescue his wife who is with Alzheimer, all while he must deal with her  disappearance.

Writer, director and producer: Maria Johnsen

Genre: Romance / Drama

Runtime: 25:10

Budget: £7000

Starring: Sophie Morris Sheppard, Paul Parker, Sarah Lockett, Jack Gates

Director of Photography: Miguel Melo Queiroz

Music Composer and Vocalist: Phillip McHugh

Language: British English

Locations: London, Edinburgh

Format: Different formats for TV are available including SRT in target language 

Production: Golden Way Media Films

We dedicated this film to people with dementia and their loved ones. 


Searching for Harriet currently is distributing in North America.


Searching for Harriet
Searching for Harriet
Original song about Alzheimer:
This song is also available on SoundCloud
Searching For Harriet

Behind the scenes photos with Maria Johnsen the director

Maria Johnsen director
Maria Johnsen director
Maria Johnsen director
interior with Maria the director, Miguel the DOP and Paul the actor
Maria Johnsen director
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