Pauline ‘s Love Spell

Pauline 's Love Spell

Pauline 's Love Spell

Pauline’s Love Spell Logline: Unintended magic intertwines love and enchantment when determined witch Pauline’s final spell during a full moon inadvertently involves a curious fairy, setting off a mystical chain of events.

Genre: Fantasy, Horror

Pauline’s Love Spell –  Synopisis:

Pauline 's Love SpellPauline, a determined witch yearning to find true love, embarks on her final attempt to cast a spell during a full moon. In the enchanting forest, as she fervently recites the incantation, a curious fairy catches sight of her. Glowing entities dance around her, and a fleeting shadow of the fairy passes by the camera. Sensing something magical, Pauline approaches a majestic tree, offering her prayers. Mesmerized by the radiant full moon, she eventually retreats to her home. Unbeknownst to her, the intrigued fairy stealthily follows Pauline, peering at her from behind the window. Inside, Pauline readies her spell altar, unaware of the fairy’s presence. Suddenly, a realization strikes her – she forgot to include someone in her incantation. Rushing to the kitchen to rectify her oversight, the inquisitive fairy eagerly leaps into the living room, unintentionally exposing itself to the spell’s aroma. The spell’s unintended consequence sets events in motion, with mysteries yet to be unraveled. What lies in store for Pauline’s quest for love? What destiny awaits her as the moon’s magic takes an unforeseen turn?

Writer, Director and Producer: Maria Johnsen

Cast: Kane Surry, Maria Johnsen

Director of Photography:  John Nick Phillips

Production: Golden Way Media Films
Pauline’s Love Spell Location: London

Pauline's Love Spell

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Pauline's Love Spell

Pauline's Love Spell Stills Photography

Post-production proved to be exceptionally challenging due to my limited budget, and the cost of visual effects (£4500 per minute) was prohibitively high. To overcome these hurdles, I rolled up my sleeves and actively participated in the VFX work, collaborating with talented VFX artists from various corners of the world who shared the same vision and purpose as me. Together, we formed a formidable team that achieved remarkable results.Certainly, these individuals were compensated for their work. However, in contrast to those who merely indulge in complaints or distractions, they chose to roll up their sleeves and diligently executed their tasks. They poured their hearts and souls into the project, making the most of limited resources, all driven by their profound passion for and devotion to my story.

Here are the name of my team:

Editor: Idress Ahmed

Color grading and color correction: Yoshinori Fugita 

Audio and Sound Engineer: Muhammad Asif 

  • Renzo Albertini: AI and VFX
  • Hamidreza Bastaki: Matte Painting VFX expert
  • Maria Johnsen VFX supervisor and VFX expert
  • Nisar Khan VFX expert
  • Mohit Kirodiwal

Editor Assistants

  • Riccardo Giardina 
  • Kumar Gaurav

All these sacrifices, from investing money, dedicating countless hours, and enduring sleepless nights, are made with a single purpose in mind: to provide entertainment for people, allowing them to momentarily escape from their everyday problems and worries. We Indie filmmakers do all these for love and art and not money. In fact we never break even in short film production ever. Let alone to gain profit.

 One operates independently of the studio system go through many challenges, but one thing that remains constant is the unwavering determination—one never gives up. It takes time, but one makes it happen.

Thanks for watching and visiting this page. 

 Maria Johnsen 

Pauline on the way go to home
Fairy and Pauline
by the mirror
Pauline walking
pauline turns
fairy looking
fairy just landed on the table
pauline running
Pauline at the kitchen
pauline fairy on bed
pauline fairy united

Behind the Scenes

Pauline and Fairy
Casting Spell
bedroom up

Pauline's Love Spell

IMG 20230121 133226
Nick Phillips
Moritz Meyer

Nick and Kane Surry on set. 

John Nick Phillips ( director of Photography) is prepraring for shooting the exterior scenes. He is an absolutly wonderful and knowledgable person in sound and filmmaking.He has been working at BBC for 34 years. It was a pleasure to have him in Pauline’s Love Spell. He is so much caring and such a  passionate person. He never lost his temper and was polite as I expected from an English gentleman. 

Moritz Meyer is our first AC: He is knowledgable in filmmaking. Moritz was a great asset to this project and I intend to have him in my other projects. 

Clapper board
setting up exterior
Pauline at exterior scene 1
Pauline's Love Spell
Maria Johnsen

Pauline walks at the park. 

Pauline by the tree

Maria Johnsen directing the film

Pauline's love spell