Huldra and Photographer

Huldra and Photographer is a story of a nature photographer who accidentally captures a beautiful but sinister Huldra while he discovers the world of the forest spirits.

Writer, producer, director: Maria Johnsen

Production: Golden Way Media Films

D.O.P: Emil Bratt Børsting

Cast: Tor-Inge Langberg , Carina Velva

Music Composer: Peter Michael Mathiesen 

Huldra and Photographer
Huldra and Photographer
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Huldra and Photographer



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Streaming on Amazon Japan


Huldra und Fotograf in Deutschland

Huldra und fotograf
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Huldra und Fotograf
Behind the Scenes Photos

Behind the scenes with Maria Johnsen, Emil Bratt Børsting, Andre Lund, Carina Velva and Tor-Inge Langberg.

Maria Johnsen - Behind the scenes in Huldra and Photographer
Maria, Jon, Emile
huldra and photographer
Maria and Emile
Tor Inge-actor
squirrel who played in Huldra and Photographer
huldra and photographer

Mr. Jenkins the Squirrel at Jonsvatnet in Trondheim was also one of our performers. 

Cast: Tor-Inge Langberg and Carina Velva

Huldra stealing chicken
Huldra after eating photographer

Location: Jonsvatnet in Trondheim, Norway. 

Location scouting with Maria Johnsen the director and Emil Bratt Børsting

Jonsvatnet in Trondheim
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Play Video about location scauting
Play Video about location scouthing -Huldra and Photographer

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