Set in 2018, since his wife, Julia, disappeared two months ago, John has not being able to finish his book. His daughter can’t pay the bills with her low income and keeps asking her father to sell the house. Some paranormal activities start to happening in the house which leads John to uncover the mystery of his wife’s disappearance on the bridge.

“Through our stories we portray  human’s struggles in life, solve problems, and inspire self love, faith and fearlessness in the time of trouble.”  —  Maria Johnsen

Maria Johnsen

Producer, Director, Screenwriter 


Alex Pink                                        Pascale Neuschäfer                        Magda Essel 

Director                                            Cinematographer                               1st AD

Daniel Haywood 

Editor ( VFX, Color grading, Sound, editing)

Mark Smith

Film composer ( Music Scoring, Music composer)

Matthew Bohun                                                                  Jonny Boomer

Gaffer                                                                                             Gaffer

Tom Fisher                                                                                 Ben Sinclair

Sound Recordist                                                                   Sound Recordist

Sorin Baluta

1st Ac ( Assistant Camera)


Andrew Shire                                       Elena Harding                                        Niamh Blackman

Wenzhe Li                                                                           Kadine Watson

Production Designer                                                       Makeup Artist

Zohaib Butt




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