The Ghost on The Bridge

The Ghost On The Bridge a Paranormal Horror

The Ghost on The Bridge- Prepare to be drawn into a realm where the line between the living and the spectral blurs, as “The Ghost On The Bridge” unveils a chilling narrative, derived from the imagination of Maria Johnsen. This paranormal horror tale, born from the depths of her novella, stretches its eerie fingers across the Richmond Bridge in London, ensnaring your senses in a web of mystery and the supernatural.

Logline: Amidst paranormal disturbances in his home, a tormented writer delves into the enigma of his missing wife’s disappearance, a quest that leads him to the ominous expanse of the Richmond Bridge.

Synopsis: Set in the year 2018, a shroud of despair hangs heavy over John’s existence since his beloved wife, Julia, inexplicably vanished from their lives two agonizing months ago. Lost in his turmoil, John’s creative wellspring runs dry, rendering him unable to complete his latest literary endeavor. The weight of reality presses down upon him as his daughter, burdened by her meager income, urges her father to consider selling the family abode to stave off financial ruin.

However, the mundane struggles of survival soon collide with the inexplicable. As the boundaries of the ordinary crumble, John finds himself enmeshed in a series of bewildering and hair-raising paranormal incidents within the confines of his own home. Shadows dance with a life of their own, whispers echo from unseen corners, and objects move of their own accord. The boundaries between the tangible and the ethereal blur, driving John to a precipice of disbelief and terror.

Fueled by desperation and the need to reclaim his life from the clutches of the unknown, John embarks on a perilous journey to decipher the cryptic events that have unraveled his existence. Drawn to the very bridge where his wife was last seen, he unearths a labyrinth of secrets veiled by the chilling mist that shrouds the Richmond Bridge.

As John delves deeper into the heart of the mystery, he unearths fragments of his wife’s life that defy comprehension. The bridge becomes a conduit between worlds, revealing glimpses of a realm where the living and the departed intertwine. With each step, the boundary between reality and the supernatural blurs, culminating in a spine-chilling revelation that unravels the truth behind Julia’s disappearance.

The Ghost on The Bridge – Spectral Intrigue Cast in a Cinematic Spell

Maria Johnsen’s mastery weaves a tapestry of fear, while the Richmond Bridge itself assumes a role as both a physical and metaphysical backdrop to the unfolding drama. The juxtaposition of the mundane and the otherworldly is captured through Pascale Neuschäfer’s cinematic lens, creating an atmosphere where every shadow holds a secret and every creak of the floorboards resonates with unearthly significance.

In the heart of the enigma stands John, portrayed by Andrew Shire with a raw intensity that captures the essence of a man grappling with the inexplicable. Elena Harding breathes life into the haunting presence of Julia, her performance a delicate balance between love and the macabre. Niamh Blackman adds a layer of authenticity to the story, her portrayal of John’s daughter infusing the narrative with a sense of familial connection that grounds the supernatural tale in the realm of human emotion.

The Ghost on The Bridge – The Score That Haunts Your Soul

Mark Smith’s haunting composition elevates the unease, amplifying every tension-filled moment and echoing the very heartbeat of the supernatural. Through his intricate melodies, the audience is plunged deeper into the abyss, their emotions manipulated by a symphony that lingers long after the credits roll.

The Ghost on The Bridge -A Journey Beyond Reality

The ghost on the Bridge“The Ghost On The Bridge” beckons you to relinquish the familiar and step into a world where the threads of reality are tugged by spectral hands. As the tendrils of fear tighten their grip, you’ll find yourself traversing a bridge between worlds – a bridge where the unknown beckons and the mysteries of life and death entwine. Streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime, this tale is not for the faint of heart; it’s for those who dare to tread the path less traveled, into the heart of the enigmatic and the unsettling.


The Ghost on The Bridge

The Ghost on The Bridge


The Ghost On The Bridge is a paranormal horror story based on Maria
Johnsen’s novella. It was shot on the Richmond Bridge in London, the
United Kingdom.


A writer uncovers the mystery of his missing wife through some
paranormal activities in his house which lead him to the bridge where
she was last seen.


Set in 2018, since his wife, Julia, disappeared two months ago, John has
not been able to finish his book. His daughter can’t pay the bills with her
low income and keeps asking her father to sell the house. Some
paranormal activities start to happen in the house which leads John to
uncover the mystery of his wife’s disappearance on the bridge



The Ghost On The Bridge ‘s entire production took eight months. The
aim was to create a short film to portray dealing with grief in form of
paranormal ghost story. It’s about love, family values, sacrifice and
endurance in the time of trouble and financial difficulty.
The film aims to intrigue and engage the audience. The script was
revised many times and has come a long way to its predecessor. The
project was ready for private screening on July 30th 2018


The inspiration for the movie dawned on me in February 2018. Interestingly, the category of movie that appealed to me is paranormal horror movie.
The narrative of it focuses on a male character that searches enthusiastically for his lost spouse until he discovers her ghost on a bridge. My vision in this project was to talk about love, family, faithfulness and grief in form of paranormal horror with traces of psychological thriller. I wanted to make it on low budget. I wanted with use of lights; VFX and sound create interesting scenes. I imagined my film would look like a gloomy rainy day in Egham in Surry, UK on the Bridge when John my hero meets the ghost of his wife. I wanted to use these imageries to express my vision to
the potential director of my film. It wasn’t easy to produce this short. I faced with financial difficulties. At this point, it seemed like there was no way forward. A deep feeling of frustration and resentment began to creep in. While I endured obstacles, I remained undeterred and I created budget and schedule for my short film.

Origine and preparation

 I could not move my 16 members of casts and crew to Egham in Surrey County due to the budget problem, so I decided to shoot in London. All bridges were too experience £200/hour, finally Richmond Bridge authorities and police agreed upon shooting on the Richmond Bridge. This is one of the busiest bridges in London. Some told me it’s madness to film on such crowded bridge and it never work. Interestingly, the funds came in from one of my digital marketing gigs which was £7,500. I decided to use this hard-earned money for my film. As the filming date approached; it became imperative that I get a director and DP. I interviewed 200 British actors during 8 months in order to find the ones who matched with my story. I finally chose the right actors. They expressed their commitment to work with me on the project. Their optimism energized me and strengthened me to devote more energy. We shot in London on June 22end 2018, one of the warmest days in the history of London. It took 3 days shooting. 


camera and lighting

I had to change the script because in the script it supposed to be a rainy day but when the shooting day came the weather got too hot and sunny so I had to change the script and reschedule. The entire camera and lighting equipment had a  value of £1,500,000 which was insured for £50.000.000. We filmed on FS7 4k camera with Samyung kit lenses.


 We embarked on the task of editing the film and this wasn’t particularly easy. Alex Pink the director who supposed to edit, emailed me and wrote he could not do it. So I hired a new editor Daniel Haywood and at the same time a music composer. 


Editor: Daniel Haywood 


Mark Smith music composer The Ghost on The Bridge

Mark Smith the film composer composed and  scored the music based on my requirement. I chose Alternative Gothic genre for my film. It matched with texture of my story. I gave him one of my lyrics “The Garden of Eden” from the book of poetry Bavarian Lover

The Ghost on The Bridge - Starring:

Andrew Shire
Elena Harding
Niamh Blackman

Andrew Shire as John Baker

Elena Harding as Julia

Niamh Blackman as Rose

The Ghost on The Bridge - trailer

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The Ghost on The Bridge -First pre-production trailer
Behind the scenes
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Andrew and Niamh
Elena Harding
Elena and Andrew
producton designer
Maria Johnsen and her team

As a producer I took care of my cast and crew. I created a friendly and stress-free environment on set and provided excellent catering, snacks and beverages. After production they all looked forward to working with me. Everything was done systematically and on time.

While the office of a producer is prestigious, it comes with a lot of responsibilities as the entire process rests on one’s shoulders. However, there is that adrenalin rush and excitement that comes with it too, the entire process was successful and concluded well. From my experience, I learned that food, remuneration, and other relevant logistics are imperative. Indeed, I gained immeasurable insight and experience from the entire undertaking. I came to the realization that an impressive financial plan and properly handed documentations can facilitate the filming. Hiring the right crew is imperative in order to create a harmonious environment during shooting.  I equally discovered that workshop for an actor is imperative in order for them to settle into their characters quickly. 


 About the producer and writer: 

Maria Johnsen is a film and television writer, director and producer. She has published 43 fiction and nonfiction books which are on sale in bookstores and online. Maria runs Golden Way Media Films a production and development company in London, UK.

Maria Johnsen is also director and founder of Golden Way Media an award winning multilingual digital marketing company in Norway. In 2016 she was ranked #6 digital marketing influencer in the world by Onalytica Company who runs Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) solution in the UK and U.S.A. She was also ranked among top 100 global artificial intelligence A.I and Fintech influencer by the same company.

Maria Johnsen holds a degree in political economy, Beauty Arts from Sorbonne University in Paris, BA in Information technology, BA in informatics, Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Johnsen graduated from Royal Holloway University of London, where she received a M.A., in Film Production, with an emphasis in Writing, Directing and Producing Film and TV.

She was mentored by Jonathan Cavendish Golden Globe Award Winning Producer of Bridget Jones Diary. Mark Dormer executive producer (BBC), Jonathan Powel the former head of BBC1. Gillian Gordon award winning film and TV producer. Her script writing mentor was Nicholas Martin BAFTA award winning film and TV screenwriter. One of his amazing works was Florence Foster Jenkins, starring Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg.

In 2019 Maria received The International Star Award for quality leadership, innovation and excellence. The convention was held in Geneva Switzerland.

Currently Maria has two commercially viable film projects in pre-production and looking for sales agents, film studios, film distribution companies to help with investing and financing.

Maria Johnsen